OceanAire Yachts was established in 1998 with a vision to continue to build yachts with a traditional design well desired, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Like so many industries taking a downturn in 2008, we became adaptable to the needs of our customers to focus on retro-fitting, re-powers, and remodeling. We have persevered in the market by always keeping our company lean and innovative. Now we are focusing on the EV-Marine market by introducing our own new line of an electric propulsion system called QuietDrive. OceanAire wants to become one of the top leaders using this EV technology, by developing and proving the marine customers are thirsty, ready and excited for better performance with better economy. We are truly entering exciting times with the always changing, always improving battery developments, along with all the high performance compact motors. Please spend the time in following OceanAire and learning more and more about our EV-Marine products and yacht designs.